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*SOLD* - Beatles For Sale

*SOLD* - Beatles For Sale


24"W x 18"H

Everybody loves the Beatles. This artwork brings the inspiring album cover from 'Beatles For Sale' on canvas, using high grade acrylics and artistic blend of colors and unique brush strokes.
There is an interesting story behind the album's cover photo which inspired me to create this painting. In the fall of 1964, Brian, Robert Freeman and the Beatles had a meeting to discuss the cover of their next album, due for Christmas. They decided that it had to be a gatefold sleeve, in color and taken on an outside location. This was the first Beatles album to feature a gatefold cover. 


On a wintry day at the end of 1964 Robert Freeman took the four to London’s Hyde Park, near the Albert memorial. The guys didn’t have to dress up. They wore their usual black outfits, white shirts and black shawls. The rich autumnal colors and unsmiling, weary-looking Beatles reflected the downbeat mood of the songs on the album.
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